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"Material for Special Treatment"

This document of August 26, 1942, gives permission to the Auschwitz concentration camp to send a truck to Dessau, in order to pick up "material for special treatment." Dessau was one of the two places where the poison Zyklon-B was manufactured. [1] Special treatment," or "Sonderbehandlung," was the Nazi code word for extermination.


Fahrgen. für einen LKW. nach Dessau zur Abholung von Material für Sonderbeh. wird hiermit erteilt.


Permission for a truck to Dessau, to pick up material for special treatment, is hereby granted.

Material for special treatment.

The text of this document can be found in Raul Hilberg, Documents of Destruction, 1971, pp. 220-221. A reproduction can be found in Death Books From Auschwitz: Remnants, Vol. I, Appendix, 1995, p. 144.

This document is cited in the essay How Reliable are the Hoess Memoirs?


1. Hilberg, Raul, The Destruction of the European Jews, 1960, p. 568: "The Zyklon was produced by two companies: The Dessauer Werke and Kaliwerke at Kolin." In 1985 edition, p. 888.


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