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The Holocaust History Project.
The Holocaust History Project.

A Study of the Cyanide Compounds Content In The Walls Of The Gas Chambers in the Former Auschwitz and Birkenau Concentration Camps

Editorial changes.

The following editing was done to make the IFFR Report suitable for the THHP site. The text may be compared with the text at the Nizkor site.

  1. General html to be in thhp format

  2. Subscripts and superscript were placed appropriately.

  3. tables were constructed from ascii text

  4. "ug" was changed to "µg"

  5. "CN~" was changed to "CN-"

  6. publication notice was updated to reflect publication here.

  7. Ken McVay's transcription note was removed, the references to the Krema's as changed in his copy appear correct.

  8. The sentence which read
    Up to 1988 the, "revisionists' '<1> most frequently manipulated historical sources or simply denied the facts.
    now reads:
    Up to 1988, the "revisionists"1 most frequently manipulated historical sources or simply denied the facts.

  9. dashes in text were changed to double hyphen in conformity with THHP style.

  10. the word "reaserches" was changed to read "researches," it should probably just say "research," but I did not want to add too much editing.

  11. "oC" was changed to "°C"

  12. A few obvious typos were fixed, e.g., "eoncentrations" now reads "concentrations," "and-the," now reads, "and the"

  13. "bathdelousing" now reads "bath/delousing"

  14. punctuation fixed in ref. 6

  15. sulphuric was spelled inconsistently as sulfuric and sulphuric. The OED prefers sulphuric, the Merck Index prefers sulfuric. I went with the Merck.

  16. changed accomodations to accommodations

  17. "placed them to glass chambers" changed to "placed them into glass chambers"

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