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The Holocaust History Project.
The Holocaust History Project.


 Figure 26

Figure 26: Detail of American aerial photograph taken on May 31, 1944, Crematorium II area. Note camouflage earth bank with triangular cross-section against western edge of gas chamber, consistent with that appearing in left of Figure 4, and with sunlight coming from east. Note also apparent path leading to gas chamber roof. Resolution of this photograph lower than August 25 photograph. The camera actually looks down into the chimney; the bright area may indicate cremation taking place. NARA, RG-373, DIA, Mission: 60 PRS/462 60 SQ; can: D1508, exposure 3056. Scale: 1/16,167; focal length: 20 inches; altitude: 27,000 feet.

Note: this figure is erroneously captioned in the HGS paper.

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