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                        Technique and Operation
                            of the Gas Chambers ©
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.Photo 16
Photo 16
[Soviet Commission, 1945, no reference] 
Before the gas-tight door of the disinfestation gas chamber,a low-ranking Russian officer and a civilian member of the first Investigation Commission in the company of two former prisoners are presenting empty Zyklon-B cans found in building 164. 
Photo 17
Photo 17:
[PMO neg. No. 622]  
Enlarged view of four empty Zyklon-B cans, that had held 1.6kg of hydrocyanic acid, standing on their packing case.  
Photo 18 Photo 18:
[PMO neg. no. 773]

A Russian Second Lieutenant presenting for the camera (for the film "Chronicles of the Liberation of the camp, 1945") a gas detector box, probably specific to hydrocyanic acid. Behind him, is the gas-tight door of the "Kanada I" gas chamber. On the right of the picture part of the face of the Russian officer visible on Photo 16.   
Technique and operation
of the gas chambers

Jean-Claude Pressac
© 1989, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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