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                        Technique and Operation
                            of the Gas Chambers ©
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Documents 1 and 2:  
Drawing annexed to Szlam[y] Dragon’s testimony of 10 and 11 March 1945
[Volume 11 of the Hoess trial and PMO microfilm 205]  

Document 1
Document 1

  Drawing 1
Situation drawing of “Bunker” No. 2 
  Translation of inscriptions:    
 ·   Fosse / [Cremation] pit   
·   Chemin de fer à voie étroite /
Narrow gauge railway 
·   Chambre / [Gas] chamber   
·   Chemin d'accès / Access road   
·   Baraque / Hut   

Document 2 . 
Document 2

Drawing 2
Plan of “Bunker” No. 2
  Translation of inscriptions:   
 ·   Nord / North   
·   Porte d'entrée a la chambre à gaz /
Entrance door to the gas chamber 
·   Chambre à gaz / Gas chamber   
  ·   Lucarnes où l'on jetait le Zyklon /
Openings through which the Zyklon was thrown 
  ·   Porte d'extraction de la chambre à gaz /
[Corpse] extraction door of the gas chamber 
·   Voie ferrée conduisant aux fosses pour la combustion des dépouilles /
Rails leading to the pits where the corpses were burnt 
·   Aiguillage rotatif / Wagon turntable    
Technique and operation
of the gas chambers

Jean-Claude Pressac
© 1989, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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