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                        Technique and Operation
                            of the Gas Chambers ©
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Document 60
[PMO file BW 30/34, page 41] 
Document 60

[manuscript ] Krema II 
Correspondence register no. 28785/43/Jä/Lm 
Auschwitz, 14/5/1943 
Address :     Topfwerke Erfurt  
Text:            Bring thermal and static calculations for chimneys of Krema II and IV.
                    Presence Chief Engineer Prüfer absolutely necessary immediately.
Sig. Bischoff 
14/4 [error. should be 5] /1943 1600 hours
Sig. Civilian Employee Schwender

NB. Telephoned this morning to the Topf works. Chief Engineer Prüfer is on a business trip in the Rhineland and has been told by his firm by telephone that he is urgently required in Auschwitz. Arrives here Monday [17th May]. Not possible earlier. Requested assurance regarding calculations for the two Krema (that is II and IV). 
[signed] Jährling 
[manuscript) SS Second Lieutenant Kirschneck  
Technique and operation
of the gas chambers

Jean-Claude Pressac
© 1989, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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