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The Holocaust History Project.

The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania
© 1978, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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population of the USSR from 1942 and until 1945 (extremely rigourous hypothesis and probably excessive), it is necessary to calculate on the one hand the numerical value of this population in 1942 and on the other hand in 1945. To obtain the first datum, it suffices to add to the number of Jews in 1939 the rate of growth still normal for the three following years. To obtain their number in 1945, to deduct from the number of Jews in 1959 the rate of growth for the fourteen preceding years.

Here are the results of this calculation: 1) Jewish population in 1942:
3,682,079 + (1 % x 3 = 3 %) = 3,682,079 + 110,462 = 3,792,541

2) Jewish population in 1945:
2,268,000 (1 % x 14 = 14 %) = 2,268,000 317,520 = 1,950,480
Deficit: 1,842,061 (3,792,541 1,950,480).

Jewish population in 1945
——————————————— =51.4 %
Jewish population in 1942

Thus, in the case of the Jews, the enormous deficit is 48.6 %: nearly half of the Soviet Jews (the only ones indicated in the censuses) within the borders of the USSR enlarged in 1939 and restored since 1945 are missing at the roll-call; and among all the nationalities composing the USSR they are the only ones in this situation. It is not a question of "evacuees" nor of deportees, nor of emigrants because there were no even slightly perceptible possibilities of emigration for the Soviet Jews until 1959. They were even excluded from the mass of Soviet civilians brought by force to Europe during the war as "workers." It is a question of deaths, of more than 1,800,000 deaths. It is the "final solution of the Jewish question" in all its horror.

8. Number of Victims Recorded

A Part of this deficit of 1,842,061 is marked in the Korherr Report under the heading "evacuees" from "regions of Russia, including the Baltic countries" (see above) where it is numbered at 633,300. The difference between these two figures is 1,208,761 which must be added to the preceding total of 3,183,493 to complete the Korherr Report concerning the USSR in its boundaries of 1945. One thus reaches a new total of 4,392,257 "evacuees."

The new total is from three to nine times superior to the one "determined" by Rassinier. This once again shows the delirious nature of the "works" of this "historian."

But that is not yet the end of the information which Korherr delivers to us in his report. On the subject of deaths, he mentions two categories:

The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania
© 1978, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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