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The Holocaust History Project.

 Dr Robert Jay Lifton THE NAZI DOCTORS:
                        Medical Killing and the
                            Psychology of Genocide ©

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 Preface and Acknowledgements
The Mazal Library and the Holocaust History Project are extremely grateful to Dr. Robert J. Lifton for permission to present his extraordinary book THE NAZI DOCTORS: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide on our web sites.
This book is:
An agonizing account of what doctors can do when they are transformed by theitr culture. To read of the medical experiments at Auschwitz -- 'They took us because they didn't have rabbits' -- will make it harder for us physicians ever again to be corrupted.
Howard M. Spiro, M.D. Professor of Medicine, Yale Medical School
This copyrighted material is presented for the exclusive use of our readers to assist in their research. The material may not be copied, downloaded or placed on another web site without express permission in writing from the author, Dr. Robert J. Lifton. Special requests may be sent to hmazal@mazal.org who will forward such requests to Dr. Lifton.
We wish to acknowledge the help received from our volunteers and members in the production of this on-line book, and in particular to our Board Member, Sara Salzman who scanned and digitized the entire book. 
Robert J. Lifton is Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry at John Jay College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. He is the author of other widely acclaimed works, Death in Life (1968), Home from the War (1973), The Life of the Self (1976), The Broken Connection (1979), and with Richard Falk, Indefensible Weapons (1982), all published by Basic Books.
Medical Killing and the
Psychology of Genocide

Robert J. Lifton
ISBN 0-465-09094
© 1986


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