Why is the Holocaust History Project hosted by PHDN.ORG?

PHDN.ORG is a french web site, project and NGO devoted to providing documents about the Holocaust and tools against Holocaust denial. We have been doing that since 1996...

Contrary to Holocaust deniers, those who refute them and provide historical material to refute them have a life, are not obsessed with the Holocaust or the Jews and do plenty of other things. They contribute and move on. That's what happened to the incredibly competent and dedicated team that created and built the Holocaust History Project. They moved on.

Unfortunately the main force behind the project, Harry W. Mazal also died in 2011. Since then the Holocaust History Project web site has often been offline. It ceased to work altogether sometime in 2015.

For several years we, at PHDN, have been providing an archive of precious web sites about the Holocaust that had disappeared from the net. We managed to save some of the Holocaust History Project web site and decided to put it back online where you found it. Beware: some pages may be missing. Some parts may be broken. We are continually, but slowly, fixing that but, hey, we are not like the Holocaust denying lunatics: we have a life...

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PHDN's director
Gilles Karmasyn
France, 2016