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The Holocaust History Project.
The Holocaust History Project.

The Holocaust History Project.

The Holocaust History Project sponsors a question-and-answer email service, by which visitors to our site can receive answers to any question regarding the Nazi Holocaust. We prefer to focus on questions that concern that period of history, or its denial, but do not automatically exclude questions regarding the aftermath of the Holocaust.

Do you have a question we might help with? You'll want to begin by looking at our Short Essays. Those pages cover many of the questions which we receive frequently, such as "How can I find out about a relative who died in the Holocaust?" or "Tell me everything you know about the Holocaust."

If those essays can't answer your question, look at the list of questions below. If your question is still not answered then send it to us as a request at Question Contact Form.

Please use an informative Subject line, include enough detail that we can know what you're talking about, and make sure your return email address is valid. Thank you! If your question regards homework, please understand that we may give you some pointers, but we are not a homework service. Also, if you have a tight deadline, please be aware that our replies are usually not immediate.

Below are some specific questions that we have answered. Many may not be frequently asked, but they may prove of interest regardless.

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