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The Holocaust History Project.

Antisemitic Influences


I'm looking for resources on the antisemitic influences upon Hitler and the Nazi effort in relation to the Holocaust. In particular I'm interested in primary sources. Perhaps you can help me?

Patrick Groff answers:

Hello, I am one of the volunteers who answers questions put forth to the Holocaust -History.org questions list. I would suggest looking for the following books.

Wilhelm Marr
The Patriarch of Antisemitism
By Moshe Zimmermann
copyright 1986 by Oxford Press Inc.
ISBN 0-19-504005-8

The History of the Nazi Party: 1919 - 1933
By Dietrich Orlow
Copyright 1969
SBN 8229-3183-4

The second book maybe harder to find then the first, so an Intra-Library loan may have to be requested, but you should be able to find both. Additionally I would look at the separate histories of the major figures of German-Austrian politics and those figures prior to the Nazi party. Good luck in your search


>I am writing a research paper for my European History class at Troy State Univ. on Anti-Semitism in Germany during the Kaiserreich (1871-1918). I am having trouble finding much information on the internet. Can you help? Links to databases, essays, or any other information would be very much appreciated.

Harry W. Mazal OBE answers:

Thank you for addressing your question to the Holocaust History Project. I am one of the persons that responds to such queries. It is possible that you will receive other answers from my colleagues.

I'm afraid that the Internet is not going to provide you with very much information on 19th century anti-Semitism in Germany. I have found a few sites that might be useful to you:


provides abstracts of many excellent publications.


lists anti-Semitic incidents from the beginning of history including the period you are researching.


includes a brief chronology including the period you are researching, listing a number of contemporary publications.


includes Herzl's diaries from 1895 to 1904


lists the articles published in the journal _Jewish Social Studies many of which include the period you are researching.


includes a brief biography (in German) of Wilhelm Marr

In the end you will probably have to visit your university library to find information that will allow you to write a good research paper. Some of the books which I selected from my own library include:

Wilhelm Marr: The Patriarch of Antisemitism
Moshe Zimmerman
c. 1986, Oxford University Press
ISBN 0-19-504005-8

Jewish Activism in Imperial Germany
Marjorie Lamberti
c. 1978, Yale University Press
ISBN 0-300-02163-1

From Prejudice to Destruction: Antisemitism 1700-1933
Jacob Katz
c. 1980, Harvard University Press
ISBN 0-674-32505-2

Jewish Responses to Anti-Semitism in Germany, 1870-1914
Sanford Ragins
c. 1980, Hebrew Union College Press
ISBN 0-87820-115-7

The Jews and Germany
Enzo Traverso, Translated by Daniel Weissbort
Translation c. 1995, University of Nebraska Press ISBN 0-8032-4426-6

The German-Jewish Dilema: From the Enlightenment to the Shoah
Edward Timms and Andrea Hammel, Editors
c. 1999, The Edwin Mellen Press
ISBN 0-7734-8195-8

I hope that this information will be of some use to you.

Yours sincerely,

Harry W. Mazal OBE

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