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Dorothea Binz


I am looking for information on Dorothea Binz, head overseer of Ravensbruck from August 1943-April 1945. Specifically I need to know about the war crimes trial against her (Nuremberg or Hamburg), when it was, what was her sentence, what happened to her. As I am currently in Brazil, I don't have access to this information. I tried to find it on your wonderful website with no luck.

Harry W. Mazal OBE answers:

Thank you for your recent query.

There are a few instances of Dorothea Binz in the Nuernberg Military Tribunal which describe her activitues at Ravensbrueck. I will be putting the 15 volumes of the NMT on my personal web-page, and have Volume I and part of Volume 2 on-line:


The actual pages that mention Binz can be found using the search
facility on the web-page. I found the following:






These are testimonies from the surviving victims of the camp. Binz Was not, to my knowledge, tried in Nuremberg. It appears from one source* that she was hanged in Hameln in 1947. Hameln was also where the Belsen war criminals were hanged on Dec. 13, 1945. Binz was Obviously not tried by the same court, nor am I yet certain whether it was a British, American or German court that convicted her.

* Camp for Women: Ravensbrueck
Bernadack, Christian
c. 1968, Ferni Publishing House (Geneva)

Pages 121-124 describe Binz's activities in the camp. The following paragraph is from page 123:

One can only outline the monstrosities committed by this girl at Ravensbrueck, from the first day of the war 'til the last. She was At Belsen and she learned her lessons well under the famous Irma
Grese. For more than five years she was the terror of thousands of unfortunate women who crossed her path: she was hanged at Hameln in 1947, but this form of death penalty was much too lenient for her.

I will be happy to scan the relevant pages of the book and send them to you as an e-mail attachment. Please let me know if this would be of some use to you. I will also continue to search for details on her trial, but this may take some time as Binz is not mentioned in most of the several hundred war trial books in my library.

Yours sincerely,

Harry W. Mazal OBE

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