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Hi Gordon,

I'm writing to you because I read your letter to the editor of The Bulletin on


The purpose of this message is to tell you about my own experience on CODOH's "Holocaust Revisionism" discussion forum.

I am a regular poster on the Third Reich Forum under http://pub3.ezboard.com/bskalmanforum

That very popular forum is rather neutral, but sometimes visited by Revisionists and their sympathizers, whom I had a couple of heated discussions with. One of them encourages fellow posters to participate in the discussions on CODOH, so one day I decided to give it a try and started posting under the name "Cortagravatas" ... I am not conscious of having violated any of CODOH's bizarre debating rules, except maybe for a recently created on that goes as follows:

"We have received in recent days several posts that consist of little more than URL's and some of these have been, unfortunately, posted. Posters are again WARNED that they are obliged not to post URL's to materials that have been posted within the last 90 days, otherwise that is considered SPAMMING THE BOARD and such posts will not be posted, if caught. Posters are again reminded that if they are unable to post their own arguments and must rely on spam or lengthy quotations then they probably don't have anything very original to say in the first place. Posts containing spam will be removed, or not posted, at the discretion Of the moderators."


My comment to this is that a moderator who minds the posters backing up their arguments with quotes of or references to authorities on the = subject is afraid of inconvenient questions and information. I let the = moderator know this via his friend on the Third Reich ...

If I had any doubts before, I am now definitely convinced that the last thing CODOH are looking for is open debate and that they stifle opposition on their own discussion forum by reference to rules and/or arguments they interpret and/or make up as the need arises, in order to keep that forum a vehicle for the unchallenged spreading of Revisionist propaganda.


Please feel free to publish my message on your website under my name if You should consider it to be useful. I am also at your disposal, within the constraints of my limited time and knowledge, for any questions you may have and any help you may need.


Roberto Muehlenkamp
E-Mail: robert.muehlenkamp@lis1.siemens.pt

Gord McFee answers:

Thank you for writing, Roberto. Some of my colleagues may wish to reply as well.

What you have come up against, and I see from your note that you are well aware of it, is the fact that the so-called "Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust" is neither a committee, open nor does it desire real debate. It is merely a forum for deniers to share their venom with one another, where the "debate" is one-sidedly "moderated", and where rules that apply to normative posters like you are routinely *not* applied to their chosen friends. Frankly, I have never posted there, although I have followed the discussions at times, and the main reason is precisely because of the lack of objectivity and the fact that there is no open debate. You will note that most of the "revisionist" posters in the CODOH board are afraid to come out and debate in an unfettered newsgroup such as alt.revisionism. I think that speaks for itself.

Best regards

Gord McFee

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