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Female Nazis


Would you be able to find information on a few female nazis? All I was able to find out about these women was their trial sentences. Therese Brandel or Brandl, Hildegard Lachert, Ewa Paradies, Emma Zimmer , Elisabeth Lupka, Elsa Drexler and Gerda Steinhoff. I would really appreciate it if you could find some info. Thank you for your time.

Harry W. Mazal OBE Responds:

I am one of the persons that responds to questions from our readers. It is possible that you will receive other responses from my colleagues.

You can read about the execution of three female Nazis: Irma Grese, Elisabeth Volkenrath, and Juana Bormann, in a partial transcription of

Executioner: Pierrepoint Albert Pierrepoint 1974, George C. Harrap & Co.Ltd.

that appears on my personal web site:


The following information on the women in you enquiry was derived from:

The Camp Women: Female Auxiliaries Who Assisted the SS in Running the Nazi Concentration Camp System Daniel Patrick Brown c. 2002, Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.(Atglen PA)

Brandel (or Brandel)

First Name: Therese ("Rosi")
Birthdate: February 1, 1909
Birthplace: Staudach (Austria)
Position: Aufsherin, Rapportfuehrin (Auschwitz Birkenau) Totenkopf Sturmbann member.
File number: IV 409 AR-Z 39/59; 9-1/704
Employment Date: September 15, 1940
Camp Service: Ravensbrueck (September 1940-March 1942); Auschwitz (April 1942-December 1944);
Muehlbach (December 1944-April 1945). Notes: Extradicted to Poland on February 25, 1947 and executed on December 2, 1947 for war crimes.

First Name: Hildegard
Birthdate: February 19, 1920
Birthplace: ?
Position: Aufseherin
File Number: ?
Employment Date: ?
Camp Service: Ravensbrueck; Majdanek; Auschwitz-Birkenau
Notes: Tried by the Poles after the war. Sentenced to prison and released. Retried by a German court for war crimes at Majdanek (June 1977 - November 1981). Sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

Zimmer (born Mezel)
First Name: Emma
Birthdate: August 14, 1888
Birthplace: Schluechtern
Position: Aufsherin
File Number: ?
Employment Date: June 1, 1943
Notes: Dismissed from service near the end of the war either due to advanced age or chronic alcoholism; Executed by the British on September 20, 1948.

Ewa Paradies: Please visit the following web sites for information:

http://www.richard.clark32.btinternet.co.uk/nazigirls.html http://www.skalman.nu/third-reich/warcrimes-trials-stutthof.htm

http://www.geocities.com/biskupia/ewaparadies.htm http://www.skalman.nu/third-reich/ss-camp-ravensbruck.htm

Elisabeth Lupka: Please visit the following web site for information:


Elsa Drexler: She is listed in the following site but the link to her appears broken:


Gerda Steinhoff: Please visit the following sites for information:



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