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I am trying to learn more about an uncle of mine, a Catholic priest, ***, who was incarcerated for seven years at Dachau. He survived and later lived in Buchen, Germany. Can you be of any help in getting me resources to learn more about him?

Thank you.

Harry W. Mazal OBE Responds:

I am one of the persons that responds to questions from our readers. It is possible that you will receive other responses from my colleagues.

It would appear that your uncle survived and lived in Buchen for a number of years after the war. This would make it unlikely that the standard missing persons organizations would be able to help.

Perhaps he best way to get information on your uncle is to write an email to the tourist department in Buchen and ask them for the names and addresses of the Catholic churches in the town. You can then write to each of these churches and ask them to revise their records. With any luck your uncle will have been a priest in one of the churches and will be remembered by their correspondent.

The tourist department's e-mail address is:

info @ kz-gedenkstaette-dachau.de

and their web site is:


You might also send an e-mail to the Dachau Memorial:

info @ kz-gedenkstaette-dachau.de

who keep the records of the inmates of the camp. Their website is:


Yours sincerely,

Harry W. Mazal OBE

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