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Having recently found out that my grandmother was a Jew, my curiosity has been aroused. I have searched the web for info on Finland's participation in the Holocost and have come up empty handed. I know it happened! Please help me locate sources where I can get more details.

Richard J. Green answers:


I am one of the people that answers questions sent to the Holocaust History Project. It is possible that you will receive other answers as well.

Finland was allied with Germany mostly because they were at war with the USSR. There is an interesting history here; in the early part of the war, the West wanted to support Finland against the Soviets.

According to Martin Gilbert's Atlas of the Holocaust, Finland had 2300 Jews marked for destruction by the Nazis (map 100). Between 1 September 1939 and 8 May 1945 an estimated 11 Finish Jews were killed. That's right 11. (map 316).

Best Regards,

Rich Green

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