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Gerlach Translation


Why the words "alle Juden Europas" in the German title of Gerlach's article: Die Wannsee-Konferenz, das Schicksal der deutschen Juden und Hitlers Politische Grundsatzentscheidung, alle Juden Europas zu ermordern," were translated European Jews and not "the Jews of Europe?" In Hebrew, it is also translated into Yehudey Europa - the Jews of Europe.

Gord McFee answers:

I am one of the volunteers who answers questions for THHP and I will try to tackle yours. First, I would be interested in knowing where the translation you speak of is.

Second, on the translation itself, it looks to me like a question of style on the part of the translator. "Alle Juden Europas" could be translated as "all European Jews" or "all the Jews of Europe" and the meaning is essentially the same, although technically "all European Jews" could include European Jews who were no longer in Europe whereas "all the Jews of Europe" could not.

Let me know if this helps.


Gord McFee

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