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I have a question about all the Nazi Gold taken during the Holocaust. There seems to be a great deal of information on what is going on now with the Swiss Banks but there is very little information on how everything was collected. I am doing a report on Nazi Gold for a history class and would like any information that you may have about how the Nazi Gold was collected and taken. Thank You.

Patrick Groff answers:

The Nazis collected gold in two ways, all possessions of value were taken from the people prior to their being sent to concentration camps or ghettos. The second way was once the people were in concentration camps they were forced to give any thing that they still possessed to their captors, and then after they were murdered, if they possessed gold fillings they were extracted from their mouths. For a much more detailed and complete understand of this issue, I would suggest the following book:

Nazi Gold by Tom Bower
ISBN 0-06-017535-4

Libraries should have this book or you could try on online book seller or book store in your area. Thank you for taking the time to ask a question from The Holocaust History Project, if you need further assistance don't hesitate to address further questions to the Holocaust History Project.

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