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David Irving


I realize that david irving is an idiot, but I would like to know if there is a bibliography of his works so I can avoid them in my research. I would appreciate any information on his writings or where I can get the information without having to go to his site. To deny the holocaust--gas chambers is to deny the anti-semitism that allowed it to occur, and it opens the door for other genocides in the future. We must learn from the past or be condemned to repeat--an old adage used to the point of cliche, but that doesn't lessen its truth.

Andrew Mathis responds:

You can find a nearly complete listing of Irving's books here:


This list does not include his Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich, which, I believe, is his most recent work but was self- published.

You should be aware that Irving's earlier works, for instance, The Destruction of Dresden, while clearly biased, are not works of Holocaust denial. Irving claims to have been "converted" to "revisionism" in the late '80s, long after Dresden was completed. Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., a survivor of the Dresden bombing who wrote Slaughterhouse-Five on the experience, actually cites Irving's Dresden in the book.

Andrew E. Mathis, Ph.D.

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