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The Treaty of Versailles


I am considering writing my master's thesis on the implications of the treaty of Versailles. I was wondering if there is any information I can gather through your web page that might help me??

I want to write it about how it destroyed the nationalism of the German people prior to Nazi Control. Also how the treaty helped Adolf Hitler come into power because he played on the feelings of the German people.

If you can help me or direct me towards these answers to my question, I would really appreciate it.

Gord McFee answers:

Thanks for your question, Randi. I am one of the volunteers who answers these questions and some of my colleagues may decide to contribute as well.

There is much information on the Treaty of Versailles on the web. Just a few references:

The contents of the treaty are at:


Information on the effects of the treaty is at:


The article at the following site has a bibliography of other sources:


I would also recommend general treatments such as William Shirer's Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Craig's Germany:1866-1945 and Bullock's Hitler and Stalin.

For a more specialized treatment, see Charles L. Mee's The End of Order: Versailles 1919.

In each of the books, check the bibliographies for references to more materials.

This should get you started. Best of luck.


Gord McFee

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