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The Holocaust History Project.

The Holocaust History Project.

German Army report complains: "The Jews in Treblinka are not adequately buried"

War Diary
cover page

Page with October
24 1942 entry

In the daily report of October 24 1942, included in "War Diary no. 1", a German military commander in the Generalgouvernement ("Government General", i.e. Nazi-occupied Poland), complains as follows:

"Supreme Command Ostrow informs that the Jews in Treblinka are not adequately buried and that, as a result, an unbearable body stench befouls the air."

I am grateful to Dr. Ulrich Roessler for referring me to this document, to Gord McFee for the translation, and to the Militararchiv in Freiburg for sending me a copy. The document's serial number in the archives is "RH 53-23/80".


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