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The Holocaust History Project.

The Holocaust History Project.

Jamie McCarthy.

Ingrid Rimland
describes me:

It absolutely enraged me that this
young, cheeky,
utterly unprincipled simpleton,
a two-faced city slicker of the deepest dye
and probably a member of the Tribe,
had the audacity...

Welcome to my personal section of The Holocaust History Project website; though hosted on THHP's server, it's just my homepage. Like the disclaimer at the bottom says, opinions expressed here are not necessarily shared by THHP.

The quote above is a description of me by one of the net's leading Holocaust-deniers. "The Tribe" refers to Jews - I'm not Jewish, but some people need to believe otherwise. The piece is a Zundelgram called "Obit to Jamie McCarthy," but rumors of my death have been exaggerated and I hope to enrage Nazi-apologists for many years to come.

I believe strongly in free speech. I believe just as strongly that no one is required to nod along with a liar, and pretend that he is making valid points: to pretend that crackpots deserve equal billing on the marquee.

I believe that the only way for us to evaluate history, or science, or anything at all for that matter, is to work out reasonable standards of evidence, and to apply them consistently. If problems arise with our standards, if we find ourselves logically compelled into the extremes of credulity or indecision, that is our cue to revise the standards -- not to apply different standards wherever we please.

That is fundamental to history, to science, and to approaching life in general with honesty.

Apart from working with The Holocaust History Project, I'm a founding member of The Censorware Project. If you're concerned about the blind-faith acceptance of secret blacklists to control what people can and can't see, stop by our site and browse around. We're pretty opinionated on the subject, and we have plenty of facts to back up our opinions.

Pat Buchanan and the Holocaust

It's a little-known fact that Patrick Buchanan has reprinted Holocaust-denial lies in his nationally syndicated newspaper column. The column and its possible sources are examined.

Lies of Michelle Yezerski

One of the worst examples of stirring up Internet fear and hysteria that I've seen. In a phone call to a national radio program, a pro-censorware activist manages to conflate Deja News with pedophiles following children into library bathrooms.

The "Hoax"

Holocaust-deniers call it "The Hoax of the Twentieth Century." Who made up this hoax? Who carried it out? And how did they do it without leaving a trace?

Digging a Hole

A short story written for me by a friend, Jim Tinklenberg.

The Censorware Project

I'm a founding member of The Censorware Project, a group devoted to educating about the flaws of internet filtering programs (CyberPatrol, CyberSitter, SurfWatch, etc.)

A Policy of Deliberate Starvation

An examination of the conditions of the Bergen-Belsen death camp upon its liberation, and the Nazi policies which produced horrible conditions like those at Belsen.

Worse, then Better

Has the internet benefitted bigots? Yes. And things will get worse -- before they get better.

An Open Letter to Washington State University About Hate Speech

A letter which I sent to WSU administration and Cc'd to the fight-censorship mailing list, urging them to uphold free speech by giving their student-run Holocaust-denial webpages the same considerations as any other student site.

(Trivia: this letter got referenced in the successful ACLU complaint to stop library censorware in Loudoun, Virginia.)

The Silicon Drum

A short essay explaining what the film The Tin Drum means to me, and why it is so offensive -- and ironic -- that it has been banned as child pornography.

Some readers may be skeptical that there are still people who defend and lionize Adolf Hitler and his regime. I refer those readers to Ingrid Rimland's "Zundelgrams":

November 7, 1996:

...as soon as we are done with finishing the Holocaust, [are we] going to heave Adolf Hitler back on the pedestal for people to admire. Well, yes and no.

Is it acceptable to say in 1996 that some of Adolf Hitler's notions of cleaning up the sewers of our wasted century might well have been the better way to go?

April 20, 1997:

Social hatred was disappearing. A socially united people was being born. It was always like that in the Third Reich.

But those same hands which once screwed tight our handcuffs
now hold out their palms in reconciliation:

"No, don't! Don't dig up the past!
Dwell on the past and you'll lose an eye."

But the proverb goes on to say:
"Forget the past and you'll lose both eyes."

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
The Gulag Archipelago (1973),
p. x.


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