Subject: Re: Re. Moon Story Has NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE! (almost repost)
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 12:05:48 +0100
From: The Mad Revisionist <>
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism

David wrote:

> > > I should add that Madrev's figure of around 900,000 'murders' at Treblinka is
> > > interesting. Nizkor is a lot less specific, putting the total between 700,000 and
> > > 1,000,000. These figures do seem to vary rather a lot.
> >
> > Your point?  According to Zundel's recent Z-gram the number of persons estimated
> > to have been killed at the *alleged* bombing of Dresden varies from 350,000 - 600,000.
> > These numbers seem to vary rather a lot.  Does this discrepancy prove "reasonable
> > doubt" in the case of Dresden too?
> In the case of Dresden about 35000 people were identified as killed. How
> many others were killed and vanished beyond trace is unknown.

Oh, I see.  So only 35,000 people can be proven to have been killed, but you're asking us to accept that just because another 315,000 - 585,000 are unaccounted for (and you still haven't explained why the number varies so widely), we can simply ASSUME that they were killed too?  I want you to think very carefully about the implications of this assertion.

> Do an experiment, Madrev. Get a large WWII bomb and sit on it while someone
> detonates it. You will observe that not much of you remains to be identified.

Let's do another experiment, while we're at it, further to your earlier statement, in the face of the quantities of ash found outside the kremas of Auschwitz, "how do we know whose ashes they were?":  Take a body and cremate it to ash.  How much of it is left to be identified?  If you will not accept this as an answer to your question, why should I accept the above as support for your Dresden story?  What proof do you really have that people were killed in such a way?

You seem to be telling me that just because the evidence to prove your point could not be expected to exist, we must accept the point as proven.  Sorry, no excuses.  If you cannot find concrete physical evidence to support your absurd 10x - 20x exaggeration of 350,000 to 600,000 killed, I'm afraid there is reasonable doubt as to the veracity of the traditional Dresden story.

Never mind the fact that you don't even have any proof to support the scenario alleged in your little experiment above.  Where is the evidence that even ONE bomb was dropped by the Allies on the city of Dresden.  And don't offer me hostile eyewitnesses, who would have every reason to lie in order to implicate their enemies.  These people have proven notoriously unreliable - revisionists such as myself have exposed numerous *proven lies* told by so-called "Dresden survivors".

All I ask for is one proof... one single proof... give it your best shot.

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