Subject: Re: Dresden Inquiry Welcomed!
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 18:55:09 +0300
From:  The Mad Revisionist <>
Organization: Serious Research, Inc.
To: wrote:

> Hello,
>      I enjoyed visiting your site and found it very entertaining,
> indeed. Being the relative of fire-bombed victims at Dresden, I fully
> agree with the need for a full **public** investigation and encourage
> free and open debate on the issue, including, but not limited to
> scientific/forensic studies. Now, if we can just get the holoCOST
> promotion fanatics to forget about their BILLIONS in "reparations" and
> the building of wax museum monuments, and agree to the same policy of
> free inquiry and discussion, then we will have accomplished a miracle!
> Are you with me on this?? Will you challenge them? I await your reply!
>                                         Sincerely,
>                                         Ken Fremont


Indeed.  There must be free and open inquiry over both the Holocaust and Dresden hoaxes, with no preconceived notions to interfere.  And when both of these events are proven to be frauds, their fanatical German and Jewish perpetrators will have a lot to answer for, won't they?

It's gratifying to hear from a scholar who is willing to admit, in the interest of open debate and free scientific inquiry, that his relatives were liars who didn't really exist.

Ken Fremont replies (Wed, 14 Apr 1999) :

Thanks much for taking time to answer my message to you and I am happy that we are in full agreement on letting full scientific inquiry decide WHO the REAL liars are and expose hoaxes where they exist. I am glad to see you are admitting to a Jewish Hoax, at last, even if you do include German victims in your charge. I realize you have a lot of hatred and bitterness in your heart. This is not an uncommon phenomenon in any country where jews have such power in mass news and entertainment media. Perhaps this is why the subversive ADL is trying desparately to get their paws on the internet via "hate-crimes" legislation. I am hoping you will have the backbone to post a challenge to the ADL hoaxters and holoCOST promotion lobby, encouraging them to stop their Stalinist censorship drive and agree to open debate on their religious dogma they are shoving down the throats of the masses world-wide. I shall keep an eye on your site and I wish you great success at exposing all liars whomever and wherever they may be.

You might be interested to know that I have been involved in intense and exaustive research into the document know as THE ANNE FRANK DIARY. What I have uncovered so far is quite startling and I shall post my findings with a challenge as soon as completed. Thanks again.


(THE MAD REVISIONIST believes that the logic and openmindedness of this response stands on its own and requires no further comment.)

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