A Post-Hellenistic Fabrication
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THE MAD REVISIONIST These columns here… they appear so much smaller than one would imagine from pictures.  Why is that?

Museum Guide:  (pretending not to have understood) Excuse me, sir?

TMR:   I said that the building is much smaller than I would have imagined it.

MG:  Well, um… it has been scaled down to fit the display.

TMR:  Scaled down? How is that possible? How do you shrink a building?

MG:  Um, well… I don’t understand, sir. What do you mean?

TMR:  I mean that this isn’t the way the Parthenon was found. Something fishy must have been done to it between the time it was built and when it was carried over here.

MG:  Carried over where?

TMR:  Well, this is the original Parthenon, isn’t it? You can’t expect to prove that the Parthenon existed without having an original to show us, can you?

MG:  But we’re not trying to prove that the Parthenon existed. We’re just trying to show what it looked like.

TMR:  Don’t insult our intelligence. How can you attempt to show what it looked like beforeyou’ve even proved that it existed?

MG:  But everyone knows that it existed. This is just an approximate representation of…

TMR:  Oh, really? An "approximate representation" is it? Just answer the question. Is this, or is it not, the authentic, original Parthenon?

MG:  (laughs nervously under her breath). Um, well, no actually.

TMR:  But that sign on the wall says that this is the Parthenon. And now you tell me that it is not?

MG:  It is... um... a reconstruction of how archeologists believe the Parthenon would have.. er... appeared.

TMR:  Oh, very clever. First you say it’s the Parthenon, and then when the fraud is exposed, you weasel-word it by saying that it’s actually a "reconstruction". I came here to see proof of the so-called "Hellenistic civilization" and all you can show me is a museum piece.

MG:  Well sir, this is a museum.

TMR:  A "reconstruction" is not proof. Just how do we know that this "reconstruction" is an accurate depiction of the original?

MG:  Uh, well, archeologists determined…

TMR:  Archeologists? Is that all? More, so-called "experts". What was their evidence? Where are the original construction documents relating to this building? What gives them the right to pass their biased speculations off as gospel truth?

MG:  Please calm down, sir. I don’t want to have to call security.

Once confronted with the lie, this guide reluctantly admitted that the display, which claimed to present evidence of an "ancient civilization", had in fact been built in 1984!  Further research later revealed that several of the sponsors of this exhibition had suspiciously Greek-sounding names.  The question we must all ask ourselves is this: if the existence of the Parthenon were as certain as the establishment claims, why would museums such as this one feel the need to produce such obvious fabrications for the purpose of fooling the public?

It was also instructive to observe that when faced with irrefutable revisionist arguments, this guide’s only recourse was to call for security. The establishment will never debate the revisionist, only attack him - proof of the weakness of their case. It should be further noted, that while ejecting me from the museum, one of the security guards bruised my arm! Can you imagine such a thing in our allegedly "democratic" society?  Such repression has not been experienced since Galileo was persecuted by the Church.

One would think that the facts revealed in this account would put an end to the fantastic myth of the Greek Empire. But one should not underestimate the depths of intellectual dishonesty to which the establishment is willing to sink. Like all lies exposed by revisionist scholarship, this myth will not die easily. Too many hundreds of millions of honest, intelligent people have been duped by the well-financed and brilliantly successful post-Hellenistic publicity campaign. There will always be incorrigible historians, statesmen, and publicists who are content to believe, or have no economically viable alternative but to believe, that the Parthenon was indeed this majestic temple which the hysterical propagandists continue to claim it was.

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An alleged "copy" of the statue of Athena, as seen at the Pergammon museum in (formerly communist East) Berlin.  But where are the arms?...  Hmm...
The famous Varvakeion Athena, another alleged "copy" of the original.  But note the significant differences from the German version.  These Parthenon hoaxers can't even keep their own story straight.
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