THE IRISH FAMINE of the 1840s
A Sinister Fraud
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(come on, Partenopea @semprescettica, this page IS A PARODY, aimed at RIDICULING all stupid deniers, NOT a genuine historical "research". Stop using it to deny the Irish Famine!)

To explore another facet of the nefarious Irish Plot, look for the essay “Who Controls the Police Force?” by Dr. Willie Pimpf, Grand-High Fuhrer Pooh-Bah Mac-Daddy of the National Annoyance.

[In our next installment: Bronfmans and Kennedys, Rothschilds and Guinnesses (oh my!): The ZOG-HOG Connection]

* NOTE: It is actually erroneous to refer to the Irish as Celts, though we do so because our readers may not be aware of the distinction.  Although the Irish may have some Celtic blood in them, their island was beset by the same waves of invasion as England was.  Therefore, they are just as much Saxon, Viking, or Normand as they are Celt.  Consequently, their claim on Northern Ireland is as ludicrous as Norway or Normandy laying claim to it.  However, it is also a fact, suppressed from our schools and from the controlled media, that the Celts migrated from as far as Eastern Europe, and possibly into the steppes of Russia.  Therefore, there can be no more doubt: revisionist research has proved conclusively that the true Celts are in fact EAST EUROPEAN JEWS!

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This photograph is labelled on the website Interpreting The Irish Famine, 1846-1850, as "A family evicted by their landlords" (Source: Lawrence Collection, National Library of Ireland).  However, when you look at it, how can you really tell that that's what's happening?  They could be just out for a walk.  Or perhaps the police are there to arrest them for a perfectly legitimate criminal offence.  Or it could have been staged - doesn't it look like they're posing?  And if it was really an eviction, then why would it have been photographed?  This picture obviously cannot serve as proof that the alleged famine happened.  Mislabelling of photographs such as this one is a central tenet of the Potato Hoax.

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