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In this column, aspiring young revisionists can ask our resident PhD. in theology and ichthyology, Dr. Leopold Iv, all about the secret conspiracies responsible for fabricating everything in the world that we don't believe.

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>Dear Dr. Iv,
>Just out of curiousity, what would I have to do to break
>into the Jewish conspirator business?
>        ZOG Admirer

Uncle Leopold is glad you asked that question, young grasshopper.  The great Louis Farrakhan once chalked it up to an endless supply of smoked fish and "livin' in caves and eatin' each other," but that is only a small part of achieving world dominance with only .00003% of the world's population.

Let's look at a few facts:  Even though there are only 14 million Red Sea Pedestrians on Earth, there are plenty of "Secret Jews" like Secret Jew George Bush and Secret Jew Boris Yeltsin.  The way to become part of the Jewish conspiracy is to attain high office or gather vast wealth.  Secret Jew Bill Gates is already supplanting Secret Jew John D. Rockefeller on the totem pole of Secret Jewdom.  Secret Jew Brezhnev (!) has long been replaced by Secret Jew Juan Carlos of Spain (!!)  Evidence?  Juan Carlos was photographed in a synagogue in 1992.  Who else but a Jew would go to a synagogue?  George Bush wore a yarmulke on a visit to Auschwitz.  Who else but a Jew wears a yarmulke?  And what about Old Man Rockefeller donating millions to build churches?  A cover.

Seems a bit self-referential?  Not at all.  The way they got to high office in the first place was because of a masonic/jewish plot that peripherally involves both the Illuminati and the city council of Boonton, New Jersey.  The only way to identify Secret Jews is when they manifest themselves.  This incarnation often takes the form of an election, coup d'etat, armed insurrection or other change in leadership.  But doesn't that mean one Jew is overthrowing another Jew?  Wouldn't a global conspiracy create harmony as the flip side of oppression?  That's what The Man wants you to think.  In reality it's all very well orchestrated.  ie. -- Secret Jew Papa Doc Duvalier goes off to live in the Riviera and is replaced by Secret Jew Jean-Bertrand Aristide, with the help of the aforementioned Secret Jews George H.W. (Hebraic Whup-ass) Bush and Bill Clinton.

Conversion by Rabbis takes years - avoid long queues by joining the Secret Jew elite today!  All the privileges (yarmulkes and synagogues) - none of the guilt.

[for more about Secret Jews, read The Jewish Conspiracy FAQ]

[there are some at THE MAD REVISIONIST who have proposed the theory that the Jews do not exist - indeed, that their very existence is a myth perpetrated by the Jewish conspiracy.  The Jewish Hoax school of revisionist thought has made a convincing case]

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