A Revisionist examination of typical
In tribute to the inimitable methodology of revisionist scholar Joseph Bellinger

The Titanic establishment often cites eyewitness testimonies as proof of their version of the Titanic story.  However, careful revisionist examination of these testimonies has shown them to be largely composed of irresponsible fabrications.  In fact, these documents support the revisionist perspective that the sinking of the Titanic is really an elaborate insurance hoax.  When one reads the documents generated by so-called "Titanic survivors", one is struck by the obvious fact that these people were really concerned only with money and compensation for goods allegedly lost in this supposed disaster.  Yet, despite these demands, and their libelous implications, they do not offer so much as ONE SHRED of forensic evidence to back up their claim that the ship hit an iceberg.

Let us take a close look at a document submitted by one Vincenzo Vicario, of Providence, Rhode Island who made the following claim against the Steamship "Titanic":

Not ONE shred of proof, mind you, simply Vicario’s “word” for it.  What kind of a fool would simply accept such a heinous accusation without any forensic evidence whatsoever? Notice that there is no mention of anyone going out to that location to confirm the story, in spite of the specific co-ordinates offered. Why "about" the 14th day of April, 1912?  Why not simply "on" the 14th day of April, 1912?  Is he so unsure about even the simple matter of the day on which the boat sank? UNBELIEVABLE!  Why would anyone be concerned with CHEESE, when over 1500 lives had allegedly been lost!  The Titanic hoaxers were obviously overconfident in their determination to milk every possible cent out of this scam. Again, not a single piece of forensic evidence to substantiate the claim.  Doesn't look so good for Vicario about now. Home Box Office should have saved this tale for their “Tales from the Crypt” program!  Preposterous nonsense. Anything that can be used to discredit and defame those that built and manned the Titanic is accepted without so much as a whisper of protest.  However, one is not permitted to address the inconsistencies and fabrications of “Titanic survivors”, or they are faced with name-calling and ridicule.  The hypocrisy of these Titanic Terrorists knows no bounds. Again, this overwhelming concern with money.  And it should be further noted that there is no evidence in this document that Vicario was even ON the Titanic along with his precious cheese.  This whole testimony is based on nothing more than rumor and innuendo, as most Titantic testimony has proven to be once subjected to thorough examination by revisionists like myself.

It is clear that in assessing the witness's credibility, we must conclude that this Vicario has none.  His story has every appearance of being fabricated, and the motives for the fraud are obvious.  It is not revisionists who seek to dishonestly USE obviously fabricated testimony.  That hypocritical honor is reserved for Titanic Terrorists.

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