Zundel's Logic reapplied

Ernst Zundel, Zundelsite, holocaust revisionism

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Over the past several decades, a movement known as "Holocaust revisionism" (known to its opponents as "Holocaust denial") has developed and grown amid much controversy. This theory suggests that the Holocaust - that is, the murder of approximately six million Jews as an intentional policy of genocide on the part of the Nazi regime - is, in fact, an elaborate hoax. Further, that the evidence historians use to study this event was fabricated by a powerful Jewish conspiracy for political and financial gain. 

Proponents of this theory such as Ernst Zundel of the Zundelsite, Bradley Smith of the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH), and Greg Raven of the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), have been labeled as ignorant bigots, and accused of exploiting one of the greatest tragedies of our century in order to spread age-old anti-Semitic conspiracy myths and to whitewash the genocidal crimes of the Nazi regime.

We at The Mad Revisionist, feel that these courageous persons have been unfairly characterized. They are, in fact, geniuses - visionaries who, despite their apparent lack of qualification, have managed to develop a whole new methodology for determining historical truth. 

Their only shortcoming is their failure to apply this methodology more extensively. Not only the Holocaust, but the whole of World War II must be re-examined with these new tools of inquiry. In fact, now that revisionism has come of age, why shouldn’t every historical event be subjected to its scrutiny? And why restrict this methodology to the discipline of history when there are so many other areas of knowledge that cling to dogmas derived from the worn-out, ivory-tower standards of academic responsibility. We believe it is a sin to confine revisionism to one solitary issue in one discipline when it could be used to uncover valuable new truths in so many other fields of human endeavor. 

The Mad Revisionist seeks to correct this oversight. 

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ernst zundel, zundelsite, holocaust revisionism