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KFOR Press Update
Pristina, 03 May 2000
by Major Frank Benjaminsen, KFOR Spokesperson

Incidents During the Past 24 Hours

Yesterday morning three civilians were injured and one civilian was killed in a road traffic accident on Route Hawk (MNB Centre). Identities are not yet known. UNMIK police are investigating.

During a house search in Uclarjevo (MNB Centre), the following items were found: one rifle, one 9mm pistol and a number of shotgun rounds. UNMIK police are investigating.

A car was stopped near the village of Suljinar (MNB Centre) containing three males and one female. UNMIK police are investigating their possible involvement with smuggling.

In Metohija (MNB Centre), at 07:20 PM, two men were reported missing. Later two bodies were found and removed to the local mortuary. UNMIK and RMP are investigating.

UNMIK police reported the shooting of a 15-year-old girl yesterday afternoon in Pec (MNB West). UNMIK police are investigating.

A civilian lorry carrying a crane with a man inside overturned late last night on the road from Pec to Kulina (MNB West). The crane driver died. The lorry driver did not receive any injuries.

A man was arrested last night in Djakovica (MNB West) for aggression and resistance to UNMIK police and for drunkenness. UNMIK police has detained the man.

Yesterday evening an accident between a civilian lorry and a car occurred on "Route Duck" (MNB South). One person died, one had major injuries and five people sustained minor injuries.

Yesterday evening a KFOR patrol found a carbine rifle in a house in Prizren (MNB South).

A hand grenade was thrown into the garden of a house in Mitrovica Nord (MNB North) yesterday evening. No one was injured. UNMIK police are investigating.

Document compiled by Dr S D Stein
Last update 05/05/2000
ęS D Stein

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