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KFOR Press Update
Pristina, 03 May 2000
by Major Frank Benjaminsen, KFOR Spokesperson

Incidents During the Past 24 Hours

Yesterday evening in Prizren (MNB South) one person was arrested for bodily injury, eight people for blackmail and three people for theft. All individuals were handed over to Prizren police.

The discovery of two decayed bodies was reported yesterday afternoon in the vicinity of BXP Morina South (MNB South). UNMIK police are investigating.

A TF Sauro patrol stopped two individuals yesterday in Decane (MNB West) for attempting to start a fight. One man had a knife, the other a hand grenade. A subsequent search of the individual's house with the hand grenade uncovered another hand grenade and an old AK-47. Both men were arrested.

A KFOR patrol stopped a vehicle yesterday in Decane (MNB West) for speeding. Following a search of the car, a Zastava 57 gun was found. The gun was confiscated and the man arrested for illegal possession of weapons and ammunition. The driver was taken to TF Sauro compound.

Yesterday evening four men were arrested in Pec (MNB West) for aggression and a kidnap attempt. All four men were handed over to KFOR MPs by UNMIK.

A man stopped a KFOR patrol late last night, wanting medical help for a woman in Vitromica (MNB West). The woman was taken to a civilian hospital in Pec but died within a few minutes of arrival.

Six unoccupied houses were on fire last night in Slovinje (MNB Centre). One female has been arrested. UNMIK police are investigating.

A car was stopped in Pristina (MNB Centre) yesterday evening, believed to be involved in a grenade attack earlier in the week. A controlled explosion was done on the car, but nothing was found. Two men were detained. UNMIK police are investigating.

Document compiled by Dr S D Stein
Last update 05/05/2000
ęS D Stein

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