Source: History of the United Nations War Crimes Commission and the Development of the Laws of War.  United Nations War Crimes Commission. London: HMSO, 1948




(i) Judicial officials convicted in Case No. 3 (Trial of the Ministry of Justice Officials) in the “ Subsequent Proceedings ” held at Nuremberg, December, 1946-December, 1947:

Franz SCHLEGELBERGER . . . . . . . .  Life imprisonment.
Herbert KLEMM. . . . . . . . . . . . ........... Life imprisonment.
Oswald ROTHAUG . . . . . . . . . . ........... Life imprisonment.
Rudolf OESCHEY . . . . . . . . . . ..............Life Imprisonment.
Wolfgang METTGENBERG . . . . . . . . 10 years imprisc:lment.
Wilhelm AMMON . . . . . . . . . . ............ 10 years imprisonment.
Guenther JOEL . . . . . . . . . . . . ..............10 years imprisonment.
Kurt ROTHENBERGER . . . . . . . . . . ... 7 years imprisonment.
Josef ALSTOETTER . . . . . . . . . . ...........5 years imprisonment.


(ii) Diplomatic officials arraigned in Case No. 11 in the “ Subsequent Proceedings ” which opened at Nuremberg on 6th January, 1948. (Judgment not yet delivered at time of writing).

Ernst von WEIZSAEKER: Permanent Secretary of the Foreign Office.

Gustav Steengracht von MOYLAND: Permanent Secretary of the Foreign Office.

Wilhelm KEPPLER: State Secretary in the Foreign Office.

Ernst BOHLE: Head of the Ausland Organisation.

Ernst WOERMANN: Head of Political division of Foreign Office.

Karl RITTER: Liaison between Foreign Office and High Command.

Edm. VEESENMAYER: German plenipotentiary in Hungary.

Walter SCHELLENBERG: SS. General; Chief of Intelligence in Himmler’s Main Office.

Gottlob BERGER: SS. General. Liaison officer with occupied East.

Ernil PUHL: Director of Reichsbank.

Karl RASCHE: Director of the Dresdner Bank.

Paul PLEIGER: Coal and Iron magnate.

Hans LAMMERS: Head of Reich Chancellery.

Wilhelm STUCKART: State Secretary in Ministry of Interior.

Richard DARRE: Minister for Food and Agriculture.

Otto MEISSNER: Chief of Presidential Chancellery.

Otto DIETRICH: State Secretary in Propaganda Ministry. 

Lutz SCHWERIN VON KROSIGK: Minister of Finance.

Paul KOERNER: Göring’s deputy in the Four Years’ Plan.

Hans KEHRL: Chief of Planning Office in the Armaments Ministry.

Otto VON ERDMANNSDORFF: Deputy to Chief of the Political Division of Foreign Office.

Herbert BACKE: Former Reich Minister for Agriculture. Committed suicide while awaiting trial at Nuremberg, 6.7.47.

Kurt DALUEGE: Oberstgruppenftihrer SS; Acting Reich Protector of Bohemia 1942-1943. Tried by the Czechoslovak People’s Court at Prague in October, 1946; sentenced to death; hanged 23.10.46.


A u g u s t EIGRÜBER: Gauleiter and Reichstatthalter Upper Danube; SS. Gruppenftihrer. Tried by a U.S. War Crimes court at Dachau March-May, 1946, for atrocities in Mauthausen camp. Sentenced to death 11.5.46; hanged 27.5.47.

Karl Hermann FRANK: SS. Obergruppenführer; Senior SS and Police. Leader in the Protectorate; virtual ruler of the Protectorate from 1943. Tried by the Czechoslovak Extraordinary People’s Court at Prague in April, 1946; sentenced to death; hanged 22.5.46.

Artur GREISER: SS. Obergruppenfiihrer; Gauleiter of Wartheland; former President of Danzig Senate. Tried by the Polish Supreme National Court at Poznan; sentenced to death; hanged at Poznan, 20.7.46.

Otto HELLMUTH: Former Gauleiter of Main-Franken. Tried by U.S. court at Dachau for complicity in murders of Allied pilots; sentenced to be hanged.

Friedrich HILDEBRANDT: Gauleiter in Mecklenburg. SS.  Obergruppenführer. Tried bv a United States War Crimes court at Dachau in March-April 1947, for complicity in murders of U.S. airmen. Sentenced to be hanged 2.4.47.

Siegfried KASCHE: S.A. Obergruppenftihrer. Ex-Minister in Croatia. Tried by a Yugoslav court for complicity in deportations and murders; executed in June, 1947.

Hans Elard LUDIN: German Minister in Slovakia. Tried by a Slovak court in December, 1946, and sentenced to be hanged.

Franz NEUHAUSEN: Former Chief of Administration South East. Tried by a Yugoslav court and sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment 31.10.47.

Heinrich RAINER: Gauleiter and Reichstatthalter in Carinthia; Obergruppenführer; Chief of Civil Administration in North-West Yugoslavia. Supreme Commissioner Adriatic Coast. Tried by a Yugoslav military tribunal at Ljubljana for atrocities and deportations; sentenced to death 20.7.47. and hanged.

Hermann ROEHN: Deputy Gauleiter for Alsace. Tried by the French Permanent Military Tribunal at Strasbourg, together with Robert WAGNER (qv.). Sentenced to death 5.5.46. Shot at Strasbourg 14.10.46.

Gustav SIMON: Gauleiter of Mosel land; Chief of civil administration in Luxembourg. Charged as a war criminal by Luxembourg; arrested in 1945; committed suicide to avoid trial and punishment.

Josef TERBOVEN: Gauleiter of Essen; SS. Gruppenftihrer; Reich Kommissar for occupied Norway. Charged as a war criminal by Norway. Committed suicide 8.5.45 after the capitulation of Germany to avoid arrest and trial.


Dr. Harald TURNER: SS. Gruppenführer; chief of the Military Administration in occupied Serbia. Tried by a Yugoslav war crimes court at Belgrade for atrocities, deportations, mass executions. Sentenced to death; shot 9.3.47.

Robert WAGNER: Gauleiter and Reichstatthalter of Baden; head of civil administration in Alsace. Tried by a French war crimes court at Strasbourg 23.4.46. for complicity in murders, conscription of French nationals and other war crimes. Sentenced to death 5.5.46; shot at Strasbourg 14.10.46.
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