Document TC-25
Source: Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Vol.VIII. USGPO, Washington, 1946, pp. 375-376

Annoucement Relating To The
German-Soviet Non-Aggression Treaty
September 25, 1939

[Enclosure No. 2 to despatch No. 1511 dated October 20, 1939, from the American Embassy, Berlin, Germany.]

On August 23, 1939, a non-aggression treaty was signed in Moscow by representatives of the German Reich and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The treaty is published herewith.

The exchange of the documents of ratification took place in Berlin on September 24, 1939. The treaty became effective on August 23, 1939 in accordance with its Article VII.

Berlin, September 25, 1939.

The Reich Minister of Foreign Affairs
By Baron von Weizsaecker

Non-Aggression Treaty
between Germany and the
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

The Government of the German Reich and the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics directed by the wish to strengthen the cause of peace between Germany and the USSR and proceeding upon the basic provisions of the Treaty of Neutrality concluded between Germany and the USSR in April 1926, have reached the following agreement:

Article 1

The two contracting parties undertake to refrain from any act of violence, any aggressive action, or any attack against one another, whether individually or jointly with other powers.

Article 2

In case one of the contracting parties should become the object of war-like acts on the part of a third power, the other contracting party will not support that third power in any form.

Article 3

The Governments of the two contracting parties will in future remain in contact with each other through continuous consultation in order to inform each other concerning questions affecting their mutual interests.

Article 4

Neither of the two contracting parties will participate in any grouping of powers which is indirectly or directly aimed against the other party.

Article 5

Should disputes or conflicts arise between the contracting parties regarding questions of any kind whatsoever, the two parties would clear away these disputes or conflicts solely by means of friendly exchanges of views or if necessary by arbitration commissions.

Article 6

The present treaty is concluded for a period of ten years with the provision that unless one of the contracting parties denounces it one year before the end of this period the duration of the validity of this treaty is to be regarded as automatically prolonged for another five years.

Article 7

The present treaty is to be ratified within the shortest possible time. The documents of ratification are to be exchanged in Berlin. The treaty becomes effective immediately upon signature.

Drawn up in duplicate texts in the German and Russian languages.

Moscow, August 23, 1939.

For the Government of the German Reich
von Ribbentrop

As Plenipotentiary for the Government of the USSR
S. Molotov

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