Instructions Issued by the NSDAP in Connection with the
Organisation of a Boycott of Jewish Shops and Businesses

[Instructions issued March 29, 1933.   Boycott began April 1, 1933]

Point 1

In every local branch and organizational section of the NSDAP Action Committees are to be formed immediately for the practical systematic implementation of a boycott of Jewish shops, Jewish goods, Jewish doctors and Jewish lawyers.  The Action Committees are responsible for making sure that the boycott with not affect innocent persons, but will hit the guilty all the harder.

Point 3


The principle must be that no German will any longer buy from a Jew, or allow Jews or their agents to recommend goods.  The boycott must be general.  It must be carried out by the whole nation and must hit the Jews in their most sensitive spot.

Point 6

The Action Committees, together with Party cells in industry, must carry into the enterprises explanatory propaganda on the consequences of Jewish atrocity campaigns for German production, and therefore for the German worker, and explain to the workers the need for a national boycott as a defensive measure to protect German labor.

Point 8


Orders will go out to the SA and SS to post guards outside Jewish stores from the moment that the boycott comes into force, in order to warn the public against entering the premises.  ...

Point 9


The Action Committees will immediately organize tens of thousands of mass meetings, reaching down to the smallest village, at which the demand will be raised for the introduction of a limited quota for the employment of Jews in all professions, according to their proportion in the German population.  In order to increase the impact of this step the demand should be limited to three areas for the time being:

a) attendance at German high schools and universities;
b) the medical profession;
c) the legal profession.

Point 11

Quiet, Discipline and No Violence!
   The Aryan Committees are responsible for ensuring that the entire struggle is carried out in complete calm and with absolute discipline.  In future, too, do not harm a hair on a Jew's head!  We will deal with this atrocity campaign simply through the incisive weight of the measures listed.  More than ever before it is now necessary for the whole Party to stand in blind obedience, as one man, behind the leadership...

[Source: Documents on the Holocaust. Y Arad, Y Gutman, A Margaliot (eds.). Pergamon Press, 1981, pp.32-35]

Document compiled by Dr S D Stein
Last update 26/10/98
ęS D Stein
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