United States of America vs. Karl Brandt et al.
The "Medical Case"

I Indictment

II Arraignment

III Statement of the Tribunal on the Order of Trial and Rules of Procedure

IV Opening Statement of the Prosecution by Brigadier General Telford Taylor, 9 December 1946

State Medical Services of the Third Reich
Crimes Committed in the Guise of Scientific Research

A High Altitude Experiments
B Freezing Experiments
C Malaria Experiments
D Mustard Gas Experiments
E and F Ravensbrueck Experiments Concerning Sulfanilamide and Other Drugs; Bone,      Muscle, and Nerve Regeneration and Bone Transplantation
G Sea-Water Experiments
H Epidemic Jaundice
I Sterlization Experiments
J Typhus (Fleckfieber) and Related Experiments
K Poison Experiments
L Incendiary Bomb Experiments
M Jewish Skeleton Collection

German Medical Organization Before 1933
Immediate Impact of Nazism on German Medicine
Prostitution of German Medicine Under National Socialism
Medical School and Medical Training Under the Nazis
Crimes of Mass Extermination: Murder of Polish Nationals

See also Nuremberg Trials Held by the United States of America UnderControl Council Law No.10 for background information on this trial, and Holocaust Aftermath, for information on post-WWII war crimes trials.



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ęS D Stein

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