Source:Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression. Volume VIII. USGPO, Washington, 1946/p.25


No. 38, September 1938.

The Jews don't want to go to Madagascar-They cannot bear the climate.

Jews are pests and disseminators of diseases. In whatever country they settle and spread themselves out, they produce the same effects as are produced in the human body by germs. And in the same way as the human body defends itself against the intruding germs and tries to expel them, the non-Jewish peoples defend themselves against the intrusion and the spreading of the Jews. The Jew already has penetrated everywhere. Therefore the Jewish problem has become a burning question with all nations. In all nations voices are being raised, asking for the segregation of the Jews from the non-Jewish peoples.

In former times sane people and sane leaders of the peoples made short shrift of enemies of the people. They had them either expelled or killed. Now in our present time the brains of the non-Jews are fogged and infected by "humanitarian" thoughts and so called "philanthropy". This "humanitarian junk" was drummed into the non-Jew's heads by the Jew. If one should speak today about the Jew being an enemy of man-kind who ought to be segregated and removed, there would be objections raised from all sides." That is against the laws of hum a n i t y,"" After all the Jew is a human being too," "One cannot behave inhumanly towards the Jews", etc. * * * 

* * * That is why the "Stuermer" is of the opinion, that the Madagascar problem should be tackled and settled as soon as possible. Then the world will open its eyes in wonder. Then the people will get a practical demonstration of the Jewish questions which will very soon cure them of their ideas of "humanitarian junk." Then the non-Jewish peoples, if they have not entirely lost their wits, will recognize the Jew for what he is. They will recognize that he is not "also a human being," but a germ. A parasite, an enemy, an evil-doer, a disseminator of diseases who must be destroyed in the interest of mankind.

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