Book Reviews
Conflict in the Former Yugoslavia

Women, Violence and WAR: Wartime Victimization of Refugees in the Balkans. Vesna Nikolic-Ristanovic. Reviewed by Kathryn Spurling

he Destruction of Serbia in 1915. C.E.J. Fryer.  Reviewed by Alex Popovich 

Conflict in Kosovo: Failure of Prevention? An Analytical Documentation, 1989-1998. Stefan Troebst. Reviewed by Tobias K. Vogel

Between Serb and Albanian: A History of Kosovo, Miranda Vickers. Reviewed by Frederick F. Anscombe

Heavenly Serbia: From Myth to Genocide. Branimir Anzulovic. Reviewed by Nicholas Miller

Bosnia and Hercegovina: A Tradition Betrayed, Robert J. Donia and John V. A. Fine, Jr. Reviewed by C Ingrao

Kosovo: A Short History, (1998) Noel Malcolm. Reviewed by Thomas Emmert

Bosnia: A Short History,  (1994) Noel Malcolm.   Reviewed by D P Halevy

Imagining the Balkans, Maria Todorova. Reviewed by Gale Stokes

The Bridge Betrayed: Religion and Genocide in Bosnia. Summary by Michael Sells

Document compiled by Dr S D Stein
Last update 27/01/2004
S D Stein

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