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                        Medical Killing and the
                            Psychology of Genocide ©
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List of Abbreviations 

Anthology, International Auschwitz Committee, Anthology, 3 vols. in 7 parts (Warsaw, 1971-72). Collection of articles originally published 1961 67 in Polish journal Przeglad Lekarski (Medical Review).

BDC, Berlin Document Center

Hadamar Trial, Earl W. Kintner, ed., The Hadamar Trial: Trial of Alfons Klein, Adolf Wahlmann, Heinrich Ruoff, Karl Willig, Adolf Merkle, Irmgard Huber, and Philipp Blum (London: William Hodge, 1949).

Heyde Trial, Trial of Werner Heyde, Gerhard Bohne, and Hans Hefelmann, Generalstaatsanwalt Frankfurt, Js 17/59 (GStA), 4 VU 3/61, Strafkammer des Landgerichts Limburg/Lahn

JAMA. Journal of the American Medical Association

Mengele/Haifa, “Wo ist Mengele?,” Friedmann archive Haifa

Nuremberg Medical Case. Nuernberg Military Tribunals, United States of America v. Karl Brandt et al., Case I (“The Medical Case”), 2 vols (Washington, 1947) and accompanying transcripts (National Archives Washington)

Wolken transcript. German original of Otto Wolken papers is in the Polish State Auschwitz Museum.

YVAJ Yad Vashem Archive. Jerusalem.  
Medical Killing and the
Psychology of Genocide

Robert J. Lifton
ISBN 0-465-09094
© 1986
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