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 NO-003 Letter from Obergruppenführer Pohl, Chief of the WVHA, dated 9 September 1942, to Himmler re: regulation of nutrition for troops. Pohl states that experiments on prisoners can be used to good advantage.
 NO-004 Letter from Obergruppenführer Pohl to SS OSBF Dr. Brandt on 20 August 1942, relating that report "One Year Assignment to the L SS AH" of Dr. Schenck has been received and transmitted to Himmler.
NO-006 Letter written by the Office of the Chief of General Staff of the Army on 30 August 1943 implicating the General der Infanterie Stapf, bearing the stamp of the Reichsführer SS Himmler.
NO-007 Letter from Himmler to Pruetzmann, Higher SS and Police Leader, on 7 September 1943, stating that " is to be left that is not poisoned...."
NO-008 Letter from the head of the Ahnenerbe Society, Dr. W. Sievers to SS-Ogruf. Pohl, Head of WVHA, dealing with the production of a " spotted fever [i.e. typhus] vaccine..." and with the experiments on prisoners in Natzweiler Concentration camp.
 NO-009 Letter from Dr. R., Brandt notifying Dr. Sievers, Director of Institute for Wehrwissenschafliche Zweckforschung, of the receipt of Siever's letter demonstrating the interest that Brandt and Himmler have shown in the experiments.
NO-010  Letter from Dr. Grawitz, Office of the Reichsführer SS of 1 June 1943 regarding a request from Dr. Brandt asking for help in obtaining prisoners at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp for use in research regarding the causes of Epidemic Jaundice. [IMT XXXVIII pp. 214-216; NCA Supp. A, pp. 1273-1274]
NO-011  Letter from Himmler of 16 June 1943, replying to the Grawitz letter agreeing to
the use of eight Jewish prisoners for experiments on Epidemic Jaundice.
NO-012 Letter dated 8 March 1944 from Dr. Brandt to Himmler attaching a secret order from the Führer.
NO-013 Letters written by R. Brandt of the personal staff of the RFSS of 10 March 1944 presumably regarding poison gas.
 NO-014 Telegram by Dr. Grawitz, SS Gruppenführer and Generalleutnant of the Waffen   SS of 17 March 1944 acknowledging receipt of Brand'ts letter of 10 March 1944 which included the Führer order.
 NO-015  Letter from Dr. Sievers of Personal Staff Reichsführer SS Amt addressed to SS Obersturnmführer Dr. Brandt regarding the secret Führer order of 1 March 1944.
 NO-016 Four letters dated June and July 1944 implicating Prof. Brandt and Obergruf. Oswald Pohl regarding conditions in poison gas factories. 
NO-017 Three brief notes regarding manufacture of poison gas and "biological warfare."
 NO-018 Letter by Himmler on 12 December 1940 to SS Standartenführer Viktor Brach regarding the treatment of the mentally deranged in Grafeneck and stating that the population seems to surmise what takes place inside smoking crematoriums
 NO-019 Letter to SS-Gruppenführer Hildebrandt of 15 December 1939 from Reichsführer Himmler rejecting the creation of a special Sturmbann and the establishment of concentration camps without Himmler's approval.
 NO-020 Report dated 31 March 1944 from Pohl to Himmler transmitting a map and giving an overall picture of concentration and labor camps; and response by Himmler of 22 April 1944 thanking Pohl for the statistics.
NO-021  Letter to Himmler from Pohl dated 5 April 1944 regarding the security measures for Auschwitz. [NMT V, pp. 384-387].
 NO-022 Letter from Himmler of 10 October 1943 to the Chief of the Partisan fight-units and others instructing that certain areas be cleared of the entire population.
 NO-023 Letter to SS Obgruf. Wolff dated 11 August 1943 regarding the evacuation of Jews out of Roumania.
 NO-024 A document in six parts dated between the SS-Organization and the Reichs finance department in which more financial aid for SS activities are discussed. The correspondence takes place on July 2-21 and August 1, 1942
 NO-025 Letter from SS-Gruppenführer Berger to SS-Gruf. und Polizeiführer Rauter dated 17 August 1942, regarding Generaloberst Daleuge.
NO-026  Letter in Gottlob Berger's own handwriting giving a brief summary of his life up to 1936.
 NO-027 Typewritten report [undated but about 1931/2] signed by Oswald Ludwig Pohl giving a short history of his life.
 NO-028 Letter to Franz X. Schwarz, Chief Treasurer of the NSDAP dated 22 April 1941 from Himmler giving his opinion of his deputy SS Gruppenführer Wolff.
 NO-029 Report from Berger to Himmler dated 2 July 1941 regarding a meeting with Franz X. Schwarz, Chief Treasurer of the NSDAP.
NO-030  Telegram from Pohl to Himmler dated 24 May 1944 stating that half of the employable Jews being shipped out of Hungary are women. Himmler's reply to Pohl approves of Jewish women as a labor source.
 NO-031 Letter from Berger to Himmler dated 9 March 1943 concerning personal matters.
 NO-032 Letter of 10 July 1941 from R. Brandt to SS Gruppenf. Berger briefly summarizing Himmler's views regarding Bergers report on his conference with Franz X Schwarz
 NO-033 Secret letter from Dr. R. Brandt, Himmler's Personal Staff representative dated 21 July 1941, addressed to SS Obergruppenführer Lorenz asking for Haushofer to resign.
NO-034  Letter from SS Oberführer Glücks dated 21 February 1940. read and initialed by Himmler, describing the conditions in the named concentration camps [including Auschwitz]. [IMT XXXVIII, pp. 218-221; NCA Supplement A, pp. 1276-1279; NMT V, pp. 356-358]
 NO-035 Letter from Dr. Adolf Pokorny, Specialist for skin and venereal diseases, to Himmler on October 1941 stating that the enemy must be annihilated and suggests the unrecognized sterilization of three million after experiments on prisoners with an extract from Caladium seguinum. [IMT XXXVIII, pp. 221-223; NMT I, pp. 713-714]
 NO-036 Letter from Himmler's office of 10 March 1942 instructing Pohl to notify Dr. Madaus that he must cease open publication about sterilization and to cooperate with SS Dr. Grawitz in experiments on human beings. [NMT I, pp. 714-715]
NO-037  Cover letter dated 20 April 1942 sent by Dr. Brandt in Himmler's office to Dr. Grawitz, attaching a copy of Dr. Pokorny's letter (NO-035) on chemical sterilization.
 NO-038 Top secret letter from Rudolf Brandt in June 1942 stating that Himmler wishes to be informed of Dr. Pokorny's experiments (NO-035). [NMT I, p. 715]
 NO-039 Secret letter to Himmler from SS Oberführer K. Gerland on 24 August 1942 discussing chemical sterilization and sexual frigidity by using extracts from Caladium seguinum, and proposing that experiments be carried out on inmates of the Gypsy camp in Lackenbach. [NMT I, pp. 717-719].
 NO-040 Top secret letter from Obersturmbannführer Rudolf Brandt in absence of Himmler, dated 29 August 1942, to Oberführer K. Gerland regarding the difficulties to obtain the Caladium seguinum plant.
 NO-041 Secret letter from SS Obegruppenführer Pohl to SS Obersturmführer Dr. Brandt dated September 7 1942 regarding the progress in human experiments in concentration camps.
 NO-042 Letter from SS Obergruppenführer Pohl to Oberführer K. Gerland dated 7 September 1943 regarding SS medical experiments on humans.
 NO-043 Letter from SS Oberführer Dr. K. Gerland to SS Sturmbanführer Dr. Brandt suggesting that hot-houses in Niederdonau be used to produce small quantities of Caladium seguinum for experimental purposes.
 NO-044 Note written by Obersturmbannführer Rudolf Brandt re: research and experiments in medical sterilization.
 NO-045 Letter dated 20 April 1942 from Himmler's personal staff office addressed to Dr. Hubert Schopper re: research and experiments in medicinal sterilization.
 NO-046 Letter from Himmler and Brandt to Pohl dated June 3 and 11 respectively, regarding the development of a sterilization drug and the construction of a large hot-house for that purpose. [NMT I, p. 717] [Document File Missing.]
 NO-047 Letter from Himmler's office of 20 June 1942 to SS Obergruppenführer Heydrich in connection with experiments to solve the question of medical sterilization.
NO-048  Secret letter from Obersturmbannführer Rudolf Brandt of 25 October 1942 to SS Obergruppenführer Pohl re: research and experiments in medical sterilization.
NO-049  Letter from Obersturmbannführer Rudolf Brandt of 25 October 1942 to SS Oberführer Dr. K. Gerland, re: research and experiments in medical sterilization.
 NO-050 Letter from SS Obersturmführer Fischer of 4 July 1942 to SS Sturmbannführer Gunhther re: research and experiments in medical sterilization.
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