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                        Technique and Operation
                            of the Gas Chambers ©
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   TOPF & SÖHNE DRAWING D 59042 [b]

[PMO neg 21033/1] of 25th September 1941, scale 1:100]  
  Einbau einer Einäscherungsanlage fur K L Auschwitz / construction of a cremation facility for Auschwitz Concentration Camp. 
 Drawing D 59042 [b]

Drawing D 59042 [b] (detail) The drawing and inscriptions are similar to the previous one, but this one bears in addition a violet stamp of Messrs Topf, with the signature in blue of a representative of the firm at Auschwitz. The underground smoke flues are outlined in deep pink. “Neuer Ofen” is written in blue-black ink and the furnace walls are shown red on the outside and yellow on the inside, as in the small sketch on the left.
Technique and operation
of the gas chambers

Jean-Claude Pressac
© 1989, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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