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                        Technique and Operation
                            of the Gas Chambers ©
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Drawing 4278 [a]

 [PMO neg. no. 21032/1]
of 21st September 1944, scale 1:100, drawn by prisoner 57347.
  Ausbau des alten Krematorium / conversion of the old crematorium
Luftschutzbunker für SS revier mit einem Operationsraum / air raid shelter for the SS hospital with an operating theater.  
  Translation of inscriptions    
·   Grundriss / plan drawing    
·   Schleuse / air lock   
·   Operationsraum / operating theater   
·   Tisch / [operating] table   
·   Trockenklosette / chemical toilet    
·   Besteh[ender] Kanal / existing sewer   
·   Luftschutzräume / air raid shelters   
·   Querschnitt / cross-section   
·   Terrain / ground level   

This drawing was entered in the catalogue of drawings on 16th October 1944. Only the area in the lower part of the drawing was converted into an air raid shelter, a suite of six rooms, with an air lock at each of the two entrances. It was used as a bomb shelter for patients from the SS hospital located alongside the old crematorium. Because of its new function, the construction [Bauwerk] number of the building changed from that of Krematorium I (BW 11) to that of the SS hospital (BW 14). Other modifications made to Krematorium I are not shown on this drawing. The remaining rooms of the crematorium were used as a medical store.  
Technique and operation
of the gas chambers

Jean-Claude Pressac
© 1989, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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