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11th February 1943 
Krematorium III - POW - Auschwitz - Upper Silesia 
Telegram from the Auschwitz Central Construction Management of 10/2/43 - 20.05-hours.
J.A. Topf & Sons
Engineering Works

Dreysestraße 7/9

The above-mentioned telegram once more confirms the order already issued for the complete mechanical installations, including 2 permanent corpse lifts and I provisional corpse hoist to be delivered rapidly, as well as a practical installation for delivering coal and removing ash. You arc thus to supply and ft the complete K III installation. We now trust that everything will be done to ensure that the mechanical components are manufactured immediately and dispatched to the site.

It is essential that the complete installation come into service by 10th April 1943.

The Central Construction Management expects that in meeting this deadline you will make up for your non-respect of contract in not keeping promises and issuing numerous documents not corresponding J to the facts on the subject of the delivery of the furnaces for Krem.[atorium]Il of the PWO camp. Thus you write on 21st January 1943 that all the materials for the ventilation and air extraction installations would be sent on 22nd January 1943. When the wagon arrived, these components were missing, so that your fitter Messing was unable to continue. On the telephone, Mr. Prüfer told us that all the material had been sent. After many further enquiries, another of your people told us that the remaining material had not yet been completed. Finally, the completed materials were supposed to have been put into store. Now, a consignment note arrives with a consignment date of 6th February 1943, After examination of this and a conversation with your fitter, it appears that a No. 450 blower with a 3.5 HP motor is still missing, and it is precisely this blower destined for the C-cellar I for which our need is the most urgent. Also, a 7.5 HP motor for the No. 550 air extraction blower for C-cellar 2.

We therefore telegraphed you once more: “dispatch immediately blower 450 and 3.5 HP motor for C-cellar I and 7.5 HP motor for air extractions blower No 550 for C-cellar II, not appearing on dispatch note of 6.2.1943, otherwise the installation cannot be brought into service. Reply by telegraph.”

This negligence on your part is causing the Central Construction Management the greatest difficulties. We would ask you therefore to immediately dispatch the missing material by express in order that the installation may at last he completed. 
Head of the of the Auschwitz Waffen-SS and
Police Central Construction Management
[signed] Bischoff  
1 Civilian Specialist Jährling 1
SS-Second Lieutenant Janisch
1 SS-Second Lieutenant Kirschneck
1 Records (file BW 30 Krematorium)

F.d.R.d.A. [For file)
SS-Second Lieutenant (S [specialist])

(Handwritten) F.d.R.d.A.
Pollok SS-Second Lieutenant

Document 7
  Document 7(1)  
  Document 7 (2)  

  Document 7:
  Verso of page 87 of BW 30/34, letter of 11th February 1942 signed by Bischoff and addressed to Messrs. Topf, indicating [passage underlined in red] “in addition a 7.5 HF motor for air extractor blower No. 550 for Leichenkeller II is also missing]”.   
Technique and operation
of the gas chambers

Jean-Claude Pressac
© 1989, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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