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                        Technique and Operation
                            of the Gas Chambers ©
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  Document 7a:
[P.M.O., BW 30/34, page 84]  
  Document 7a  


J. A. Topf & Sons 
Erfurt 12.2.43     
Received 14 2 43
To the
Waffen-SS and Police
Central Construction Management

Subject: Krematorien II and III POW camp 
Our section D IV
We acknowledge receipt of your telegram of 10th instant, reading:

“For Krematorium III of the POW camp with 5 three-muffle furnaces, the order already confirmed for the complete mechanical installations, including 2 permanent corpse lifts and one provisional corpse hoist to be delivered rapidly as well as a practical installation for delivering coal and removing ash is again confirmed. You are thus to supply and fit the complete K III installation. We now trust that everything will be done to ensure that the mechanical components are manufactured immediately and dispatched to the site. It is essential that the complete installation come into service by I0th April 1943. Letter follows.”

In this regard we would point out that the delivery of the 5 three-muffle furnaces, as agreed with our chief engineer Mr. Prüfer will be made without fail on 20th March. Confirmation of the contract concerning the 2 electric corpse lifts and the Demag goods hoist will follow.

As regards the coal delivery and ash removal installation, Mr. Prüfer. who will arrive there in the afternoon of Monday, 15th of the this month, will bring you suitable proposals and a quotation.

We also confirm receipt of your cable of 11th instant, reading:

“Send immediately 450 blower with 3.5 HP motor for C-cellar I and 7.5 HP motor for air extractor blower 550 for C-cellar II not appearing on consignment note of 6.2.43, otherwise rhe installation cannot be put into service." and would state on this subject: The No. 450 blower was dispatched on 8.11.42 and the No. 450 [error : it should he 550] (wooden blower) on 25.1.43. For this latter blower the 7.5 HP motor was still lacking and we have requested this in different ways -- by telephone and telegraph -- from our supplier. We have therefore taken the decision while awaiting delivery to send to you by express a I0 HP motor with the same speed of rotation. This motor can then be changed subsequently. We have taken this decision in order that the bringing into service of the installation should not he compromised by the lack of a motor.  
Heil Hitler!
J. A. Topf & Sons
two signatures  
[handwritten]: Verified Janisch
Remark on the original letter:
According to the fitter Messing, this was not sent, but a blower No. 375. Signed Jährling, 14.2.43. 
Distribution: 1 SS-Second Lieutenant Jarisch
                   1 SS-Second Lieutenant Kirschneck
                   1 Civilian employee Jährling 
Technique and operation
of the gas chambers

Jean-Claude Pressac
© 1989, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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