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The Holocaust History Project.
The Holocaust History Project.

Holocaust Denial

The Holocaust History Project is dedicated to fighting Holocaust-denial (or "revisionism"), whether based on a hatred of Jews or a desire to rehabilitate the discredited philosophy of National Socialism.

Holocaust Denial as defined in the book Conspiracy Theories in American History: An Encyclopedia.

We have analyzed the claims of many of the movement's mainstays -- both as individuals like David Irving, John Ball, Carlo Mattogno, or Carlos Porter, and as groups like CODOH or the IHR. We have followed them into every sphere of human knowledge they have essayed to understand, from chemistry to cremation to photography to textual analysis, and have dissected their fallacious arguments with hard facts and logical reasoning. And we have answered questions posed by well-meaning, but confused, readers of their propaganda.

We take an active role in confronting denial, both online and in courtrooms halfway around the world, and consider this task to be as important as the purely historical material that we present. Those who would erase the memory of the Holocaust must be exposed at every turn.

The Holocaust History Project provides a number of "Who is" pamphlets on one aspect of Holocaust-denial, with, we hope, more work on more topics to follow. These pamphlets quote the exact words used by Holocaust deniers to promote their ideas.

We expose denier trickery wherever we can. One such trick is to use pseudonyms to give the impression there are more adherents to the denier philosophy than is really the case. One striking case in point is the use of multiple identities or "nyms" by the Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf.

Another trick is misrepresentation and thinly disguised denial. We address this in a question and answer format.


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