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The Holocaust History Project.

David Irving

David Irving is one of the most insidious of Holocaust deniers. This index ties together some of the material that we have about him.

Irving vs. Lipstadt

We have material addressing Irving's failed libel suit against Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin Books.

  • Irving's War (8000 words), by Yale Edeiken. discusses the legal issues involved it the lawsuit.

  • Where Did David Irving Go Wrong?, by Gord McFee. discusses Irving's failed Historiography.

  • The Expert Report of Richard J. Green submitted in response to an affidavit by Germar Rudolf originally submitted and then withdrawn in support of Irving's appeal to the verdict.

  • A Critical Review by Harry W. Mazal OBE of the Polanska-Palmer Affidavit. This faulted attempt to support David Irving's Holocaust denial during his recently failed libel suit against Prof. Deborah Lipstadt was withdrawn without explanation by Irving's lawyer during the appeal hearing.

  • There is a German language site created by Albrecht Kolthoff at www.david-irving.de

  • The affidavit produced by renowned scholar Robert Jan Van Pelt presented to the High Court in London to counter David Irving's last gasp attempt to appeal the ruling against him in his failed libel suit against Prof. Deborah Lipstadt.

  • Judge Sedley issued a devastating Opinion in which he endorsed Judge Gray's decision and refused Irving's request for appeal.

  • David Irving's attempts to sway the High Court of Appeals failed dismally when the so-called expert reports he had presented as new evidence were hurriedly withdrawn by his barrister. The Expert Witness reports presented on behalf of Prof. Deborah Lipstadt completely demolished Irving's mendacious plea.

  • Questions addressed to THHP about the trial.

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