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The Holocaust History Project.
The Holocaust History Project.

The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania
© 1978, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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Editor's acknowledgments

We should like to express our gratitude to the two authors of these most valuable studies. Those or Mr. Wellers appeared in "Le Monde Juif" (No. 86-1977 and 89-1978) and that of Dr. Billig in "La Solution Finale de la Question Juive", a work which our Foundation published in 1978.


Born in Saint-Petersbourg, Russia, in 1900, Joseph Billig received his Ph. D. from the University of Berlin in 1929. In 1939, Dr. Billig enlisted in the French Army, was wounded in combat and from 1940 to 1945 was a prisoner of war in Germany. In Nuremberg, he participated in the work of the American prosecution, particularly in the case of A. Rosenberg. Until 1976, he was historian at the Center for Contemporary Jewish Documentation in Paris.

Dr. Billig has published numerous articles as well as the following works, the titles of which we translate here from the original French: -
—Germany and Genocide (Nazi Plans and Realizations). Ed. du Centre, Paris, 1950.
—The General Commission for Jewish Affairs. Three volumes, Ed. du Centre, Paris, 1955.
—Alfred Rosenberg in the Ideological, Political and Administrative Operations of the Hitlerian Reich. Ed. du Centre, Paris, 1963.
—Hitlerism and the Concentrationary System. Presses Universitaires de France, Paris, 1967.
—Kiesinger or a Subtle Fascism, Extra-Dienst Verlag, West-Berlin, 1969.
—The Concentration Camps in the Economy of the Third Reich. Presses Universitaires de France, Paris, 1973.
—The Institute for Studies of Jewish Affairs. Ed. du Centre, Paris, 1975.
—The Final Solution of the Jewish Question. Ed. Klarsfeld, Paris, 1978.


Born in Russia in 1905, Georges Wellers studied at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Moscow. From 1932 to 1975, he carried on research in physiology in Paris, where he was named director of a research laboratory at the Faculty of Medicine. From 1968 to 1974, he was also an adviser to the Dean of the Faculty. Laureate of the Academy of Science and of the National Academy of Medicine, he is the author of more than 150 articles published by the scientific press in France and abroad. He is a member of various learned societies and is Honorary Research Lecturer at the National Center of Scientific Research. Mr. Wellers holds the decorations of Chevalier of the Legion of Honour, Chevalier of the National Order of Merit.

The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania
© 1978, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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