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hey i am wondering don't u think some kids would commit plagerism

Gord McFee Responds:

Thanks for a very good question.

We would like to think that kids would be honest enough not to commit plagiarism, because that deprives them of the chance to really learn, and to express their opinions on important topics in their own words. Kids would really be making a mistake if they did that. It's like cheating at golf if you are all alone. What do you really accomplish? Nothing, because, in your heart, you know you cheated. We hope most kids would not make that kind of mistake.

But some might. They should realize that teachers are able to search the web too, and if they catch kids cheating, they just might give them a 0 or an F on the subject. Nobody wants that! It just is not worth it.

Best regards
Gord McFee

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