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Inter-Allied Review, Feb. 15, 1942.

London, January 12, 1942

Whereas Germany since the beginning of the present conflict, which arose out of her policy of aggression, has instituted in occupied countries a regime of terror characterized in particular by imprisonments, mass expulsions, execution of hostages and massacres,

And whereas these acts of violence are being similarly perpetrated by Allies and associates of the Reich and in certain countries by accomplices of the occupying power,

And whereas international solidarity is necessary in order to avoid repression of these acts of violence simply by acts of vengeance on the part of the general public and in order to satisfy the sense of justice of the civilized world.

Recalling that international law and, in particular, the convention signed at The Hague in 1907 regarding laws and customs of land warfare do not permit belligerents in occupied countries to perpetrate acts of violence against civilians, to bring into disrepute laws in force or to overthrow national institutions,

The undersigned representatives of the government of Belgium, the government of Czecho-Slovakia, the Free French National Committee, the government of Greece, the government of Luxembourg, the government of The Netherlands, the government of Norway, the government of Poland and the government of Yugoslavia

1. Affirm that acts of violence thus perpetrated against civilian populations are at variance with accepted ideas concerning acts of war and political offenses as these are understood by civilized nations;

2. Take note of the declaration made in this respect on October 25, 1941, by the President of the United States of America and the British Prime Minister;

3. Place amongst their principal war aims punishment through the channel of organized justice of those guilty and responsible for these crimes, whether they have ordered them, perpetrated them or in any way participated in them;

4. Determine in the spirit of international solidarity to see to it that (A) those guilty and responsible, whatever their nationality, are sought for, handed over to justice and judged; (B) that sentences pronounced are carried out.

In faith whereof the signatories duly authorized have signed the present declaration.


GEN. W. SIKORSKI, Polish Delegate and Chairman Of Conference

H. PIERLOT, Belgian Delegate

MGR. SRAMEK, Czechoslovak Delegate

GEN. CHARLES DE GAULLE, Free French Delegate

E. TSOUDEROS, Greek Delegate


J. BECH, Luxembourg Delegate

E. F. MICHIELES VAN DER DUYNEN, Netherlands Delegate

T. WOLD, Norwegian Delegate

CHINESE GOVERNMENT (by letter) Mr. Wunsz King

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