The "Einsatzgruppen Case"

Overview of Post-War Trials

Summary Overview of the "Einsatzgruppen Case"

Administration of the Case
I. Indictment and Defendants

Indictment Count One: Crimes Against Humanity
Indictment Count Two: War Crimes

II. Arraignment
III. Opening Statement of the Prosecution

Doctrine of the `Master Race'

Organization of the Einsatzgruppen
Activities of the Einsatzgruppen (General)


Testimony of Hermann Graebe (Description of Aktion)
Nature of the Charges:

Count One (Crimes Against Humanity)
Count Two (War Crimes)
Count Three (Membership of Criminal Organizations)

V. Organization of the Einsatzgruppen

Affidavit of Otto Ohlendorf, Commander Einsatzgruppe D

VI. Authenticity of Einsatzgruppen Report

Affidavit of Hermann Schubert
Affidavit of Kurt Lindow
Extract from the Closing Brief for Defendant Blobel

VII. Evidence and Arguments on Important Aspects of the Case

The Task of the Einsatzgruppen

Heydrich Instructions Concerning Jews in Occupied Territories, 21 September, 1939

Directives for Einsatzkommands Concerned with Prisoner-of-War Camps, Extract from Operational Order No.8, 17 July, 1941

Enclosure 1
Enclosure 2

Letter from Goering to Heyrich Concerning Solution of Jewish Question, 31 July, 1941

Affidavit of Otto Ohlendorf, 2 April, 1947

Background to Babi-Yar Massacre

Extracts from Operational Situation Report U.S.S.R No.106, 7 October, 1941 (Detailing Einsatzgruppen units activities)

Memorandum to General Thomas Concerning Liquidation of Jews (Anonymous), 2 December, 1941

Memorandum from Commissioner of White Ruthenia to Commisioner of Ostland, Concerning `Actions' Against Partisans and Jews, 31 July, 1942

Depositions of Hermann Graebe, Eyewitness to Execution of Jews Nr Dubno and the Rovno Ghetto

Affidavit of Adolf Ott

Affidavit of Otto Ohlendorf, 5 November, 1945

Affidavit of Heinz Hermann Schubert, Concerning the Extermination of the Jews of Russia, 24 February, 1947

VIII Testimony of Otto Ohlendorf

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