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 Table of Contents - Volume 6
[re…] quest emanated not from the industrialists, but from the Reich Leader. The industrialists always accepted the invitations of the Reich Leader SS, if it was possible for them to do so.

12. In December 1943, the Circle of Friends was invited to the headquarters of Reich Leader SS Himmler. Himmler spoke about the war situation, giving a rather optimistic picture. Afterward a kind of Christmas celebration of the Waffen SS was held. A film showing the training of the Waffen SS was presented and a male choir of the Waffen SS sang.

C. 1. The members of the Circle of Friends were, as far as I can recall, the following:
  Kranefuss, Fritz    Meyer, Dr. Emil 
  Voegler, Albert (no more in the last years)   Steinbrinck, Otto   
 Kehrl, Hans² 
  Schroeder, Kurt van    Halt, Karl Ritter van   
  Buetefisch, Heinrich¹    Helfferich, Emil   
  Rasche, Dr. Karl²    Reinhardt, Friedrich  
  Krogmann, Karl Vincenz    Fischboeck, Hans    
  Olscher, Dr. Alfred    Heuer, Otto (?) (Heidelberger Portland Zement Werke A.G.)  
Flick, Friedrich  
  Lindemann, Karl     Hecker, Ewald    
  Boerger, Wilhelm     Ohlendorf, Otto³  
  Walz, Karl     Pohl, Oswald4  
  Schmidt, Heinrich    Bismarck, Graf von    
  Waldhecker, Hermann    Wolff, Karl  
  Roehnert, Hellmuth    Sievers, Dr. Wolfram5  
  Voss, Wilhelm    Hayler, Franz   
  Goering, Herbert    Naumann, Werner  
  Kaselowsky, Theodor   Behrens, Dr. ing. Hermann   
  Rosterg, August     Schaefer, Dr. Ernst   
  Bingel, Rudolf    Dermitzel, Dr. Fritz   
  Blessing, Karl    Hilgenfeldt, Erich   
  Schmitt, Kurt       
Having carefully read and personally countersigned each of the five pages of this affidavit and having personally made the necessary corrections and countersigned them with my initials, I herewith declare under oath that all facts submitted by me in this affidavit correspond, to the best of my knowledge and belief, to the full truth.  
¹ Defendant in the I.G. Farben case, Volumes VII and VIII, this series.
² Defendants in the Ministries case, Volumes XII-XIV, this series.
³ Defendant in the Einsatzgruppen case, Volume IV, this series.
4 Defendant in the Pohl case, Volume V, this series.
5 Defendant in the Medical case, Volumes I and II, this series

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